2017 Historic Hotels Bike Ride

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017

8:00am – 11:45pm

100 Kilometer Ride
Start from the historic Fort Bidwell Hotel in the northern corner of Surprise Valley, California and bike south on County Road 1 to Cedarville. From here you’ll head west on Highway 299 over the majestic Warner Mountains and cross Cedar Pass. elevation 6300 feet. After the climb to the summit of 1650 feet, you begin a long decent along the Warner range turning south on to Parker Creek road in ranch dotted countryside and continue on to the Modoc Wildlife refuge through scenic terrain.
The ride ends at the Niles Hotel in Alturas. An informal rider’s lunch will be served at near-by Veteran’s Park. Lunch for family and friends is $5.00 per person.

150 Kilometer Ride
This rides starts at the Fort Bidwell and crosses Cedar Pass at 6300 feet. After the descent along Parker Creek, riders turn south and meander through scenic, rural Modoc County at its best, passing by the Modoc Wildlife Refuge before finishing at the Niles Hotel in Alturas.

Then it’s time to head over to the Veteran’s Park for the prepared luncheon, shade, and good conversation as the riders filter in from their challenge.

40 Kilometer
Shorter rides for those who want to take it easy but yet have the fun of a Modoc bike ride with all the features provided for the longer rides.

Start along on section of the ride.

1. 8 a.m. start at Fort Bidwell Hotel and cycle along County Road 1 through the northern part of Surprise Valley. This is the flat section of the route. You’ll ride through the small village of Lake City with its historic flour mill and stately trees.
2. 9 a.m. start on the western downhill section of Highway 299 nest to the Modoc national Forest sign. Enjoy the descent and rolling hills of the last section of the 100 Kilometer ride. End at the Niles Hotel and join the group for lunch at the Veteran’s Park.

Entry Fees:
$85 for the 150 kilometer ride
$65 for the 100 kilometer ride
$45 for the 40 kilometer ride

Plus $20 to transport bike and rider to Fort Bidwell at 6 a.m.
Available to the first 20 riders who sign up for the shuttle

Spaghetti Dinner will be served on Friday, July 20th at 6 p.m. for riders and friends at the Elks Lodge. A fee of $5 will be charged for friends, or those who have not signed up for the Historic Hotels Bike Ride.

Niles Hotel -Double and Single Rooms- 530-233-3773
For Bidwell Hotel -Rooms and camp sites- 530-640-2626
Locavore Farms -Camp sites- 530-640-1935
JnR Hotel, Cedarville- 530-279-2449
Sunrise Motel, Cedarville- 530-279-2161
Modoc County District Fairgrounds -hook-ups in Cedarville- 530-279-2315

****Riders are responsible for their own overnight reservations and accommodations.****

Drive the 50 miles to the start of the ride before your morning start time and organizers will give you a ride back to your car at the end of the day.


for $20 the organizers will arrange to transport you and your bike to the start of the ride. Transport will leave the Niles Hotel at 6 a.m.

Please tell us on the registration form which alternative you choose.

Payment can be made online through PayPal or Mail to the address below

Modoc Parks and Recreation District
P.O. Box 758
Alturas, CA 96101

Call 530-233-7115 for help or details

Event Location

Fort Bidwell Hotel
Fort Bidwell, CA, 96112

Event Fees

150km Ride
$ 85.00
100km Ride
$ 65.00
40km Ride
$ 40.00
Transporting Fee
$ 20.00